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2007 was the beginning and 2014 was the year of renewal for Silhouette Ltd. During the seven years we left behind the world saw a lot of changes and so did we. Everything that surrounds us is speeding up at an accelerate rate. Almost everything we know changes from day to day. In this almost incomprehensible race you should consider yourself lucky if you find a fixed point, a reliable partner, and we would like to be that point and partner for you. The know-how and professional experience of Silhouette Ltd. are the guarantee for all of our partners that cooperating with us will bring lightness, playfulness and colour to your days. The success of hundreds of completed events and projects and the feedback from several satisfied customers assured us that in spite of the countless challenges, or rather, because of them, our work in the past years proved to be useful, and it is a work that we are determined to continue.

From 2014 we also wish to support our partners in a new area. And the guarantee for the quality they have been accustomed to is the high standards of the services rendered by our newly formed marketing team. Thus, marketing and event management will support each other in serving our customers' needs.


Event Management
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Our team

Orsolya Brunner

Managing DIrector

Zsófia Punk

Event Manager

Klára Ferencsik

Event Manager

Téglásy Nóra

Event Manager

Enikő Bóbis

Event Manager

Gábor Simon

Event Manager

Bende Dóra

Event Manager

Others said about us

"The success of event management depends on quickly understanding the customer's needs and accurately reviewing their capabilities. I enjoy working with the staff of Silhouette as they keep these things in mind while working for the success of the event, monitoring the process from begging to end. That is why we are not disappointed with each other."

Mr. Zoltán Igaz
ING Commercial Banking, Corporate Communications

”BP Business Service Centre Kft has been partnering with Silhouette Consulting Kft since the start of our company back in 2009. Since then we have been organizing all company events with Silhouette, be them Christmas events, family days or VIP business visits. Our company now has more than 1,000 employees and Silouette Kft meets our requirements just as they did at the beginning. Orsolya and her team are organizing our events with high professionalism, accuracy and flawlessly, no matter how complicated requests we might have. For me it is crucially important to be able to trust the event organizer company I work with and Silhouette Consulting Kft has never let me down.

I can only recommend this company if you are looking for a creative event organizer PARTNER.”

Ms. Eszter Varga Katalin
Communications & Engagement Lead


"Guests attending our events always praise the excellent organisation highly. The staff of Silhouette Consulting Ltd. played a significant role in the success as their no-nonsense attitude, professionalism and reliability, the excellent food, the elegant and creative decoration all contribute to the praise that we receive.
I wish them success!"

Tímea Horváth
PR Assistant
Budapesti Elektromos Művek Nyrt.

"GDF SUEZ and Silhouette Consulting Ltd. have been cooperating for several years: during this period we worked together successfully on several programmes, from homely receptions through exclusive VIP parties to family days attended by hundreds of persons. We have found that the Silhouette team is a reliable, flexible and creative partner."

Andrea Pánczél
Communications Manager
GDF SUEZ Energia Holding Hungary Zrt.

"Our company organized its first international convention this year and without the assistance of the Silhouette team it would have been an event that demonstrated the inexperience and amateurishness of a beginner in spite of the tremendous effort invested into it. Instead, the praise and gratitude coming from our partners as feedback are the greatest proof that we sought and received assistance in the best place with the organisation of this major event. I strongly recommend the team of Silhouette to those who are in need of professional assistance, which can ensure that a complicated and highly demanding corporate event will be concluded smoothly and without haste."

Mariann Makó

Inno-Comp Kft.


  • Gala nights
  • Conferences
  • Diplomatic and protocol events
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Brand Communication
  • Events for children
  • Special moments
  • PR events and press conferences

Our company has been organising events in the industrial sector since 2007. We build our projects with precision, thoughtfulness and attention to detail "borrowed" from the domain of public administration.
Initially we mostly organized gala nights and international conferences, but in response to the ever growing needs of our customers, our references now also include family events, end-of-term events, team building training courses, weddings and other types of events.
Recently, life in the world of events has quickened and there are pronounced changes that can be felt. The technical and scientific progress did not merely bring countless innovations in event management techniques, but there are already new trends that can be observed in the communication between event managers and guests. It is safe to say that today ideas are often only subject to budgetary limits in Hungary.
This change, this quickening and this progress must be appreciated as it often makes our lives and our work easier. However, it is fortunate that there is still an element in the formula of the event market that cannot be removed from the system, and it is a human factor called creativity.
Technical advances come and go, but there is one point that is constant: we, the Agency, will continue to function as an engine that runs the events, and we will realize dreams that are often ambiguous even for the dreamer, building them of hundrends of email messages and fleeting thoughts.

  • Gala nights
  • Conferences
  • Diplomatic and protocol events
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Brand Communication
  • Events for children
  • Special moments
  • PR events and press conferences


  • Outsourcing
  • Online marketing
  • Image design
  • Strategy

Silhouette Marketing, born in 2014. Why now, and why marketing?

During its seven years of existence, Silhouette has encountered innumerable challenges and situations that we managed to resolve flawlessly in every single case, using the tools offered by event management. The expanding needs of our partners, however, have inspired us to change and develop incessantly. Recently, we have had the feeling that the tools and opportunities offered by event management alone are insufficient, which motivated our intention to branch out to a different field. The initial enthusiasm has been confirmed by a growing number of orders, and we have reached a point where we had to make a decision. In order to be able to guarantee the habitual high standards also in a new field, we started to search the market for suitable experts. By October 2014, the moment of truth came; we felt ready to launch the marketing branch of Silhouette with a team that had excellent professional experience and fresh motivation.

Our goal is to be able to add up our own professional and human experience and that of our "fresh recruits" to offer a complex service to our Partners, granting the convenience of a "single-window system", which also saves effort and money for them as a pleasant yield.

What is the difference between us and a trendy communication agency? In certain respects, all, while in other respects, none. In terms of our profile, our activities include each and every service needed for successfully launching or reshaping a brand, and for making it individual – to communicate it.

We consider ourselves different in terms of implementation. What we like goes beyond execution, and includes recommendation, thinking together or even treading an untrodden path with our Customers, should that be needed.

Outstanding ideas – as suggested by our slogan, we stick to them.

  • Outsourcing
  • Online marketing
  • Image design
  • Strategy


Protocol, Diplomacy
After about a thousand protocol and diplomacy events our company is well-versed in handling special issues and situations that might emerge at international events in the most suitable way. For the majority of people planning programmes for very important persons (VIPs) and senior managers, attending to the reception and seating of government officials and ambassadors, placing national flags and knowing the difference between name plates and seating cards would present a serious challenge. Travelling in a motorcade and using blue emergency lights and knowing what the phrase "delegation arriving at GAT" and many other terms mean is not an everyday task. Some of these tend to present themselves as a task that needs to be tackled during the final moments of planning. We join you as a team and assume the responsibility for resolving these challenging situations.

Our customers already know that they can still count on our support and professional expertise outside the implementation of a given project. As part of our successful cooperation with our partners, we can provide assistance with the clear definition of objectives as early as the preparatory phase. Our customers can rely on our experience while dealing with tasks related to budgeting, programme planning and maintaining relations with other parties. Sometimes, as an independent observer, we have a better view of the road leading to the success of a project.

It is unfortunate that many institution of higher education still do not pay sufficient attention to providing practical training to their students. The importance of such training cannot be stressed enough as some of these students will be the medium and top level managers and leaders of the next generation who are to demonstrate their professionalism and aptitude all the time not only in domestic, but also in international environments. Besides professional skills, success requires in-depth knowledge of important fields such as

  • Proficiency in protocol
  • Knowledge of dress codes
  • Negotiation techniques

To sum it all up, there is no second chance to make a first impression.


  • Events
  • Marketing

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